Whether you’re a real estate agent, getting portrait photography, or you have a wedding coming up, here are a few questions you should always be asking for the best results possible!

Asking this question is important! Knowing the photographers style before you book with them can help you decide if their style is what you are looking for.

A photographers portfolio speaks for itself. It will show you their style, the way they shoot, and how their editing style looks. A portfolio can help you make a decision when deciding who you choose.

Asking this question can create a better understanding of the photographer and can create a connection! Having a connection is important so you and the photographer can feel comfortable when creating that appointment!

You never know what may happen before the date of shoot and knowing the policy when you need to cancel is important before you book with a photographer. All photographers may have different policies and knowing this covers all the bases.

Every photographer may have a different delivery date and depending on how fast or if you don’t have a set deadline will help you when choosing your photographer!

When choosing a photographer these questions will help you decide who is right and who isn’t! Every photographer is different, and every photographer does things different. Asking questions and getting to know that photographer will help you get the best results in your booking!

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